4 tips on making sure your windows never break

Windows are often overlooked when it comes to home remodeling and protection. Window pairs can be costly and take plenty of time and effort to fix. Thankfully, we’ve got the top 4 tips from window experts on how to protect your windows.

Here are 4 tips on making sure your windows never break.

Tip #1: Use Reinforced or Tempered Glass

You can find Tempered Glass on iphones and tablets, like Gorilla Glass or it’s also used in automobile windshields and glass in doors. Even though this glass is not unbreakable it is a lot stronger and safer.


There are several ways to secure your glass windows with protectant materials. Using tempered glass rather than traditional glass will make it harder to break. It is also cost-effective. The laminated class is another great option as its layer of vinyl is effectively placed in between regular glass.

Tip #2: Plexiglas & Polycarbonate Windows


Plexiglas windows are made of acrylic plastic. They contain the same thickness as traditional glass. The difference is that Plexiglas is ten times stronger than traditional. While they can be a bit more expensive, they are more secure and will prevent your windows from breaking.

Tip #3: Add Window Bars


Iron bars will protect your windows better than without it. While some homeowners are against the appearance of window bars, they do include the much-needed protection windows might need.

Tip #4: Use Locks


Using locks can prevent your windows from the damage of constantly opening and closing the windows. As breakage is usually cost by friction and constant movement, a lock will help keep the windows set in place and prevent damage.

Follow these tips to help you protect your windows and make sure they never break.