Custom Glass Shower Doors for Bathroom Remodeling

What to look for in a modern custom glass shower enclosure

glass replacement panels in a bathroom remodel

Frameless Shower Door Glass

When customers are looking to get a custom shower door installed they will need to work with a bathroom remodeling contractor that has a glass company to do the proper work. Prices for frameless shower doors can vary by how big and thick the glass is. It can start at 1/4″ and be all the way up to 1″ in glass thickness for custom shower doors.

Shower Door Remodels with Glass Blocks

As the picture shows above shower walls can be done in solid thick tempered glass with polished edges or you can build custom enclosures with glass blocks. Not all glass contractors will work with glass block so you will have to ask questions from the contractor on the different options available from them.

Renovating entire bathroom

When renovating an entire bathroom with a new tub, shower, vanity, sinks, flooring, tiles etc. all have to be taken into consideration. It is in the customers best interest to do some research into what kind of renovation they are looking for. What size is their area, do they need to have walls taken down or inserted, what materials are they interested in using, what color schemes? Customers who have this information handy when calling around to get estimates will speed up the process and save them money in the long run.

Custom ShowerDoor Videos on Youtube

These videos will give customers some ideas on installing frameless shower doors or having a bathroom remodeling contractor do the work for them.

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